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Property factors manage and maintain the common parts of land or property owned by more than one homeowner, for example the stairways, hallways and door entry system in a tenement flat. Similar arrangements can apply for the maintenance of the commonly owned or used parts of residential land, for example the common gardens or amenity areas in a housing estate. This land may be owned jointly by all or some of the homeowners. Queens Cross Factoring provides a property management service that acts on behalf of owner-occupiers or shared owners to maintain areas, which have a common interest, to an excellent standard and costs for maintenance are apportioned to owners.

As factor we organise common repairs which is defined as a repair that is the shared responsibility of all owners such as the roof, stairs, garden area and boundary walls. Your share of the responsibility will be defined in the Title Deeds for your property. We recommend that you refer to your Title Deeds to clarify your responsibility towards the common areas.

Your Deed of Condition is a legal document and details your responsibility and rights towards common repairs also known as a “burden”. Within the Deeds there might also be information regarding the management of the common areas such as the obligations and duties of the factor. The Deeds should also define the procedures for dealing with repairs and routine maintenance, provision for insurance, and explains the procedures for the factor to recover any outstanding debts.

Scope of our Service

We provide a comprehensive property administrative and maintenance service as follows and we are also happy to discuss any other additional services that may be required

Property management

This covers the general administration required to factor your property.

Routine repairs

Queens Cross Factoring will instruct day-to-day routine repairs on common areas that have been reported by customers or through inspections by our staff.

Cyclical and common maintenance

These are planned or reactive repairs carried out by Queens Cross Factoring over a fixed period of time to protect the property from falling into a state of disrepair:

Stair and common area cleaning – This is provided on a weekly basis to properties and includes common areas being brushed and washed with carpeted areas hoovered once per week. The common glass is washed every four to eight weeks depending on requirements. All areas are kept free from cobwebs and dust.

Grounds Maintenance – This service is programmed over summer and winter months to include grass cutting, de-weeding, hedge trimming and litter removal in communal areas. Private gardens are the responsibility of the owners to maintain.

Compliance Maintenance – This service varies but may include water tank testing, pumps, lifts, fire and alarm systems, dry-risers, lightning conductors and communal heating system where applicable.

Gutter cleaning and roof inspections – This event is programmed on an annual basis

Internal and External communal painting – Common decoration is organised and assessed on a case by case basis

We will provide information on planned work before it begins. As with common repairs, consultation with owners will take place in line with the Deed of Conditions.


Major Repairs

Major repairs Queens Cross Factoring will administer major repair projects, examples of which would include, re-roofing, stone repairs etc. With this type of repair the costs exceed the standard level of approval. The provisions for approving major works will be detailed in your deeds of conditions or, where appropriate, the Tenements (Scotland) Act 2004. There will be a small management charge for this service.

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