Repairs and Maintenance

We carry out various types of repairs, details of which are listed below:   Report a Repair



 Emergency, Urgent and Routine Repairs

Queens Cross Factoring instructs day-to-day repairs in common areas that have been reported by customers or through inspections by our staff. Repairs are prioritised using an Emergency, Urgent or Routine status. Emergency common repairs includes events such as major roof water ingress from roof areas. Urgent repairs comprise of incidents where there is no immediate danger to person or property but has the potential to be if left unattended. Routine repairs are issued to the contractor for generic maintenance in common areas such as lighting or door entry repairs.


Cyclical Repairs

These are repairs carried out over a fixed period of time to protect the property from falling into a state of disrepair such as

•    Painting of common areas
•    Gutter cleaning

We provide information on all planned works in advance of the work commencing.  As with common repairs, consultation with owners is necessary where works exceed the amount noted in the Deed of Conditions.


Major Repairs

Queens Cross Factoring will administer major repair projects, examples of which would include, re-roofing, External Wall insulation and stone repairs. With this type of repair the costs exceed the standard level of approval and we would generally require the consent of all owners within the property prior to work commencing.

The provisions for approving major works will be detailed in your deed of conditions or, where appropriate, the Tenements (Scotland) Act 2004. For contractual reasons we require owners to make their full financial contribution once the tender process is complete and the contractor appointed however we are more than happy to discuss contributions on a client by client basis.

Please note that there will be a small management charge for this service due to administration, expertise and project management functions that Queens Cross Factoring provide.

We endeavour to keep in contact with the local authority and any other public or private organisations to ensure that any incentives are identified or about the availability of grants and funding for such major projects and will coordinate applications on behalf of the owners.


Common Maintenance

•    Stair Cleaning – this is offered on a weekly/fortnightly or customised basis to all properties with common stairs
•    Environmental Maintenance – this service is programmed over summer and winter months to include grass cutting, de-weeding, hedge trimming and litter removal in communal areas.

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