Payment & Billing Questions


When should I receive my invoice/statement?

We invoice on a quarterly basis in arrears.  Invoices are issued in January, April, July and October.  Your invoice is due for payment within 14 days of invoice date.

Why is my payment not showing on my invoice/statement?

You may have paid outwith the quarter that you have just been invoiced for, hence the payment will show on your next invoice/statement.  Allternatively you may have not quoted your Queens Cross Factoring Account No - please contact us to advise when payment was made in order to allocate the payment to your account.

What does the "Dr/Cr" mean on my invoice/statement?

A "Dr" balance means a debit balance which is an amount due for payment, whilst a "Cr" balance means a credit balance which indicates that no payment is due.

How do I set up a standing order?

Please contact our office.  Our Finance Officer will recommend a fixed monthly amount and will then send out the standing order mandate for completion.  The fixed amount is a contribution towards your charges ie, environmental costs, stair cleaning, buildings insurance,management fee and common repairs.

How do I increase my standing order payments?

You can either contact your bank directly or via online banking if you have this facility.

Why have I received a reminder letter when I pay by monthly standing order?

Your standing order payments are a contribution to your account, however on occasion when the payments have not covered your quarterly invoice we will request that the balance is paid.

What should I do if I cannot pay my invoice within 14 days?

Please contact us as soon as possible to discuss this matter.

What happens if I build up arrears?

We hope that payment is made within 14 days, as this ensures the proper maintenance and insurance of your building.  However, if you experience financial difficulties we recommend that you contact us immediately so that we can offer assistance and prevent arrears building.  If payment has not been made within 14 days our formal arrears procedure is initiated and if necessary legal action will be taken to recover the balance outstanding plus any expenses and outlays.

What do I do if I make an overpayment on line?

If you make an overpayment on your factoring account on line please contact this office and we will arrange a refund.

Why do I have to pay a change of ownership fee?

When you sell your property we charge a change of ownership fee. This fee covers us providing information requested by your solicitor, including information about common repairs, insurance and planned investment work; liaising with the purchaser's solicitor on factoring issues and producing an invoice on the date of sale.

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