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We are a professional factoring company with 30 plus years experience in and around North and West Glasgow and our portfolio of properties encompasses the immediate Queens Cross area and also some neighbouring parts of Glasgow. We are confident that we provide a high quality and transparent service and are always pleased to hear from potential new customers.

Please follow the our services link to find out more information on what we do as factor and what to expect as a customer. If you wish to discuss our factoring service further please complete the form below and we will be in touch with you shortly.

The majority of properties we factor are based within the geographical area of our parent company, Queens Cross Housing Association.

We welcome any communication in respect of prospective factoring and we are prepared to consider and look into the possibility of factoring properties outwith our local area as defined in the map below. For more information on the prospective factoring process, please click on the link below to our Factoring brochure.

PDF IconProspective Factoring Brochure

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